Don’t Listen to Realtors. Don’t Listen to the News.

This post is specifically for those who are ready to buy and it makes sense financially and logistically for you. If you’re in this space where you’re waiting to see how the market shakes out because you heard that if it rains on Thursday before 2 o’clock while mercury is in retrograde then housing market is maybe going to go down. 

I want you to ask yourself one question that should point you to the right direction. 

Can you save money fast enough to cover any potential increase in home values, rising interest rates, increasing rent prices (if you’re renting), and inflation?

Don’t listen to realtors like me. Don’t listen to the news. Nobody has a crystal ball 🔮. Ask yourself that question and let it guide you.

There’s a book that came out in 1972 named “The Limits to Growth” that was pretty popular. This book claimed that we will run out of natural gas by 1994 and we’ll be out of aluminum by 2003. It also claimed we will run out of copper by 1993, zinc by 1990, mercury by 1985, and the list goes on.

Obviously none of that came true and I’m sure hundreds of people swore by those findings and lived their lives in accordance to it. Those people haven’t seen the day to be right. 

The greater point is this: It’s the puppet masters job to keep you in fear so you don’t take action. That’s how they keep us in control.

The best time to buy is when you’re ready, and for those that are: time in the market is better than timing the market.